Visual Designer

With a creative approach, I can support you by producing interesting visual content for websites, social media campaigns and offline marketing resources. 

Digital Collage 2018 (Aurora-left / Gravitation-right)

Art Work

My artistic work focuses on the construction of visual fictions by using Collage with diverse materials. The latest, is a result of my venture to use digital tools and resources.

Web Dev Knowledge

I work with diverse WordPress themes and different page builders. My focus is on front-end development.

Design Knowledge

My design experience addresses the challenges and constant changes in social media, branding and web design. To achieve this, I usually use Photoshop, Illustrator and Invision as core tools for my work.


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Analog & Digital Collage ​

Most of my Collage work is a result of the intertextuality among different contexts. I make use of paper and other materials, but my latest work reflects my venture to experiment with digital resources.

Responsive Website

Responsive is the answer to every web design work I undertake, and the “mobile first” approach takes priority over any other feature. As a result, the final user is core to my work, being it the starting point.

Social Media

Having a user-centred approach allows my social media design work to focus on visual content that genuinely influences individuals. It is all about structured messages that relate to others.


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An artist does not endeavour to make a material profit of its work but to create an alternative definition of ‘normal’ while enjoying the creative process per se. Some people contribute with their feedback or by owing that piece that struck them. If you are genuinely interested in supporting my work by buying the coffee that takes me through the day, it would make it a better day!!

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