Andres Julian (andrescollage)


I was born in Colombia and completed my studies in Linguistics and Literature at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Universidad Distrital. I was engaged by the Education Department of Colombia to coordinate the design and implementation of  e-learning projects that became part of the biggest National e-learning platform at the time – SENA virtual.

After some years working on these projects, I decided to come to Australia where I studied Web Design while also started my own artistic project with paper making collage.

My collages are of no specific content nor do they try to figuratively represent anything. They are rather organic creations, with no preconceived ideas that are influenced by Dadaism – another intellectual preference of mine.

"I believe that human creativity is a spontaneous act. It comes from your heart and is an expression of your individuality - what makes you what you are. Painting a face with photographical accuracy means you have mastered a technique. Composing a piece that conveys your inner voice; that is Art"

I am currently working as a visual designer, and have participated in numerous projects in Melbourne.

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