Andres julian Murcia


Hi, I was born in Bogota Colombia, graduated in Linguistics and Literature in 2006. Now living in Melbourne.  Studied Web design and development in Melbourne and a specialisation in Graphic Design at CAL Arts in 2020 and UX&UI Design in 2022 at RMIT Melbourne. 

I arrived in Melbourne in 2010 and in Australia I started studying graphic and web design. I’ve been working with the collage technique for more than 5 years and since then it has been present in my diary.

I started looking into collage because of the question of how to reuse paper, how to recycle it in a way that would have a different use than just making recycled paper again. To take it out of that cycle. And there I began to see countless artists using paper from old magazines, collecting scraps, using old newspapers and creating fantastic pieces. That was my beginning.

At first it was an apprenticeship trying to replicate things I saw, but over time it has become more spontaneous. I started reading about colour, composition, experimenting with different tools and from there, I incorporated a scanner and my computer to improve the finishes. It has been a path of much learning where knowledge is approached as one understands the essential concepts of art.

For some time now I have seen how collage has been on the rise and how it has been incorporated more and more in advertising design. My influences come from many people, including illustrators. I don’t want to get into a set of themes or style, if I need to change, I will. It’s part of art, not to be so submissive to the rules.