It is a process where research, creativity and the management of tools to concretize the project are brought into play.

Each company has a personality and voice. Branding is bringing these two qualities to life.

( This is a real case)

Renovació Estètica

It is a medical center specialized in beauty and skin health located in Spain with more than 20 years working with problems related to skin, focused fat, skin spots, etc.

After maintaining their status for so many years, lately they have been in need of refreshing and renewing their image by the positioning of other medical centers dedicated to this same field. We started with a short brief to capture the ideas that the owners of the clinic had.

Concluding and establishing the concept (corals), colors and typography to achieve a composition and first draft of the logo.


The concept was based on the idea of ​​representing Renovacio Estetica as a healthy and fresh place. Coral is that place where animals can live, reproduce and feed.


The color palette was based on the combination of two high contrast colors and some meetings with the clinic’s owner.


Regarding the typography, I tried to keep what It was.  I choose a elegant combination with Prata. That’s why we decided to make the combination between Montserrat with Prata, san serif.



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