Visual Designer

With a creative approach, I can support you by producing interesting visual content for websites, social media campaigns and offline marketing resources. 

Digital Collage 2018 (Aurora-left / Gravitation-right)

Art Work

My artistic work focuses on the construction of visual fictions by using Collage with diverse materials. The latest, is a result of my venture to use digital tools and resources.

Web Dev Knowledge

I work with diverse WordPress themes and different page builders. My focus is on front-end development.

Design Knowledge

My design experience addresses the challenges and constant changes in social media, branding and web design. To achieve this, I usually use Photoshop, Illustrator and Invision as core tools for my work.


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Analog & Digital Collage ​

Most of my Collage work is a result of the intertextuality among different contexts. I make use of paper and other materials, but my latest work reflects my venture to experiment with digital resources.

Responsive Website

Responsive is the answer to every web design work I undertake, and the “mobile first” approach takes priority over any other feature. As a result, the final user is core to my work, being it the starting point.

Social Media

Having a user-centred approach allows my social media design work to focus on visual content that genuinely influences individuals. It is all about structured messages that relate to others.



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