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The power of good content is unstoppable. The word “viral” was formed for this reason. For many, the quality of excellent design and content is immediately evident and some companies know it. Ask me how!

( This is a real case)

Social Media
Renovació Estètica

It is a medical center specialized in beauty and skin health located in Spain with more than 20 years working with problems related to skin, focused fat, skin spots, etc.

The change that was generated for his brand made consolidate as in a more serious and professional clinic. After establishing their logo, campaigns have been carried out on Facebook and Instagram to attract more customers.

Since the beginning of the new image, the receptionist has not stopped receiving calls about the services offered at Renovació Estètica. Clearly there has been an increase in visits and sales.



We find that many aesthetic centers make content with a low level of design and with little original ideas.

clientes potenciales

We detect potential customers and based on an established scheme, size and font, photography, color and message, etc.


After several meetings and many ideas, we made a schedule to establish periods of the year, message address and photographic work, if required.

Facebook and instagram

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